Hi, I’m Regina! I have been practicing counter-economics for nearly two decades and have survived and thrived as a single mom and entrepreneur to this day.

If it wasn’t for my counter-economics lifestyle, I would be really struggling to make ends meet. But, since I am able to earn my own living on my own terms and keep 100% of my dollars, I am not only able to survive, I am able to live a comfortable life and have time for my friends and family.

Regina Ferrari co-owner of The Off Grid Outpost

Being an Agorist and counter-economist has enhanced my life so much, that I feel the urgent need to help others with this valuable, yet little known, knowledge. Hence, we created The Off Grid Outpost.

Right now, the world has gone mad and traditional jobs are drying up. So Cyrus and I sat down and created this PDF with a BUNCH of side-hustles that will be successful in today’s economic climate.

We also cover the basics of practicing counter-economics to get you started down the path of freedom.

skeleton working to the bone

Good ol' Sally is sick of working herself to the bone for the man!

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