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In this episode, we cover the second half of what Antifa has become in America, which is quite far removed from its European roots. If you missed the first part, we recommend you listen to it as we go over the history of Antifa which sets up the stage for this episode. 

Antifa has become radicalized in America and has deep seated roots in Communism. American Antifa was formed by a group called the American League Against War and Fascism which was formed in the 1930s. This group openly admitted in 1950 to using Antifascism as a cover to take down American government and replace with communism. 

To this day, we see modern Antifa using tactics against a Fascist regime that simply doesn't exist (no, we officially do not have a Fascist regime in this country). 

We go over the differences between rasicm and fascism, the strategies used by modern day Antifa to justify their violence, and the hypocrasies within those actions. 

[podcast] antifa part two - the modern american twist

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