What is really awesome about these DIY solar projects is that you don't have to live off grid to build and use any of these. They can all help reduce your dependence on the utility infrastructure, reduce your electric bill and become more self-sufficient.

Solar window furnace.

Produce hot air to heat a room at zero cost after construction expenses.

Solar tube lighting.

Light up small spaces passively. This project is perfect for sheds, chicken coops, dog kennels, well house or any other small space with exposed ceilings.

Solar food dehydrator.

Preserve food by dehydrating it with just the power of the sun. 

Solar hot tub.

The highest monthly cost for running a hot tub if keeping the water hot day and night with an electric coil. Completely remove this cost buy using the free power of the sun.

Solar water heater.

Domestic hot water accounts for 19% of the average families electric bill. Start saving 19% on your monthly electric bill immediately by building one of these simple solar projects.

Solar batch water heater

Solar coil water heater

Solar slow cooker and pizza oven.

Reduce your cooling costs in the summer by cooking outside. Slow cooker meals that you set and forget or make your favorite homemade pizza will reduce cooling costs and save you money.

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