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eBook: How to Build a Stealth Business Using Counter-Economics

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Do you need extra money in your pocket to make ends meet?

Are you sick of paying an endless amount of taxes to support programs you don't believe in?

Are you ready to take back your life and have more time for friends and family?

All of these problems can be solved by making a simple choice. Make the choice to start building the life you want instead of living the life you think you have to live. You don't have to be a tax slave anymore.

We've written the most comprehensive e-book that you'll find anywhere on how to run a counter-economic business.

This book contains all the information you need to run a stealth business safely and discreetly, keeping all the dollars that you earn!

This book contains 12,000 words of no-fluff, to-the-point, information that you can put into action IMMEDIATELY. No more second guessing! We have put all of these methods into use and can say everything we teach is tried-and-true!

Check out The Table Of Contents:

Chapter One: The Principles of Agorism and Counter-Economics
What is Agorism? The Mindstate of Allowing yourself to not pay taxes
What is counter-economics and how to put it into action
Chapter Two: Grey Markets vs Black Markets
Introduction to the Grey Market
Introduction to the Black Market
Morality vs Legality
Examples of Direct Contradictions of Morality and Legality
Criminal vs outlaw
Chapter Three: Running Your Stealth Business Safely and Discreetly
Principle 1: Reduce exposure to government as often as possible
Principle 2: Not everyone can be your customer
Principle 3: Discreet business practices
Principle 4: Play Stupid (Which is Really Smart)
Principle 5: Know When to Concede to Government
Principle 6: Spread the word (gently) about Agoristic Principles
Chapter Four: Marketing, Competitive, and Payment Strategies
Guerrilla Marketing Strategies
Competitive Strategies
Payment strategies
The Do Not Do list
Chapter Five: Operating an Online Based Stealth Business
Selling on Online Marketplace Platforms Discreetly
Online Marketplace Income Reporting Limits
Using Online Payment Portals Discreetly
The rise of online payment phone apps
The Online Gig Economy
Finding Clients Online and Getting In Person Dollars
Taking cryptocurrency for payments
When to Report Income on Taxes
Chapter Six: It’s Okay to Lie to the Government
The Transfer of Morality
It is legal for the government to lie to us, yet we are not allowed to lie to them
Chapter Seven: When to go above board and how
Bonus Section: 7 Business Ideas that Compliment Counter-Economics

Right now, we are running a sale that will not last forever. 

So, we suggest that for the same price of a supersized McDonald's meal and a beer, you spend the bit of cash on this excellent eBook and change your life forever